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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Your Slogan Mean?

Design pain is a creative problem or challenge experienced by businesses and entrepreneurs… that’s where I come in!


I’ll turn that problem into an opportunity and turn your design pain into champagne!

How Long Will My Project Take?

There are several factors that affect how long a project will take such as complexity/scope of work, whether you have copy written, edited, approved and ready for design.


Feedback and revisions also affect project timelines. The longer clients take to provide feedback to me, the longer their project will take.

Will You Come and Work Out of Our Offices?

I’m more than happy to meet with your team for a project kick off but I prefer to work out of my office. It’s where the magic happens.

How Do You Bill for Your Services?

50% of the estimated project fees are due up front and the remainder will be billed before final file delivery.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept?

Cash, Business Cheques, Email Money Transfers, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX (via Wave Accounting’s super secure 256-bit SSL encryption.)

Can You Help Coordinate Printing, Photography or Copywriting?

You bet! I work with a number of printers, photographers and writers based on the project type and budget.

What Kind of Files Will I Receive?

It depends on your project type, but most common is a PDF or JPG. With a logo project you will receive EPS, JPG and PNG files which are great to send to printers or other designers if needed.


Working files remain my creative property.

Can I Have the Working Files?

When we make any beautiful, print-projects together, unless otherwise agreed upon, you’re paying for the finished product (aka final PDFs).


When the working/source files are handed over, a lot of my process is revealed. Working files are my recipe and with this I assume you are going to hire another designer (not me) to update and edit them. And that just hurts my feelings.


If you would like to purchase my working InDesign or Photoshop files, there is a fee of $250 per file.

What If I Don’t Like the Final Product?

I always include initial concepts and 1-3 revisions in projects, which gives you the opportunity to provide me with feedback that gets you an end product you’ll love.


The more info you provide during the initial project stages will help us avoid this situation altogether.

Is the Creative Work Our Property?

Yes! Once final payment is received the creative work copyright transfers to you. However, I retain the right to display the work for promotional purposes. Like on this website!