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My Process

Every designer has their own process, but this is the graphic design process that I find works best and most efficiently for myself and my clients! Never worked with a freelance graphic designer before? This should help demystify the process:

01 Intro Chat

We’ll chat for 15-20 minutes, in person or over the phone about what you’re looking for, what you need and your business hopes and dreams. This will help me estimate your projects accurately and determine if we’re a good fit. 

02 Estimate

After our chat, I’ll provide an estimate of hours, pricing and any other budgetary considerations (fonts, stock images, etc.). Once you’ve reviewed the quote we can discuss it, add or remove items and move forward.

03 Confirmation

Once we’ve agreed on the estimate and project plan, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required before we begin.

04 Getting to Know You

Nobody knows your business like you do, so before I dive into design, you’ll need to provide details like your design likes/dislikes, objectives, brand guidelines, project schedule and some boring technical stuff too.

05 Meeting

This could be in person, a phone call or a Google hangout to discuss and finalize the info you’ve provided, content and anything else relevant to the project.

06 Design

Once I’ve gotten all the information I need from you, it’s time to get started designing beautiful things for you!

07 Review

This is when you’ll get your first look at the project to review it and provide feedback. The quicker I receive feedback, the faster the momentum will go on your project.

08 Iterations

Now we start refining. It’s time to fix any errors, tweak and perfect the design. (Depending on the project there will be a specified number of rounds of revisions.)

09 Invoice + File Delivery

I’m happy, you’re happy. Now it’s time to tally up those hours (which you will be kept aware of), subtract the deposit and a pretty invoice will find its way to you. Once we’re squared away,
I’ll send you the final files for your project.

10 Launch

It’s all done. You get to share the beautiful design with the world!

Since You’ve Scrolled This Far

Let me reward you with this infographic of my process: