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If you’re a business, startup or entrepreneur who wants their brand and business elevated with creative design, you’ve found the right freelance multidisciplinary designer.

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Why People Love Working With Me

"Working with Kelsey is the highlight of my week! We've been working on projects for the past year and I really enjoy my time working with her. She was quick to understand our brand from the get-go and takes criticism in a professional and graceful manner. I can be totally honest with her and know that the best possible end result is at the core of each project she takes on. If her hilarious banter isn't enough to win you over, hire her because she's quite honestly one of the best in her industry."

Rachel K., Make Lemonade

"Working with Kelsey was great because we communicated well and she heard me when I told what was important to me. The risk is always that someone else won't quite get what you think your brand should be, it can be so personal, but talking with Kelsey was great as we worked through the combination of my vision and her new ideas and made something better than what I had imagined before I started."

Chris C., CSI Operations Coaching

"When I set out looking for a designer for a logo for my new business, I wanted someone who would be skilled, organized and efficient. Kelsey has been all of the above, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with her. I felt supported and inspired to discuss my ideas and explore options with Kelsey. Kelsey exudes professionalism and warmth, which is a difficult combination to find in a designer. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted, or how my ideas would resonate on paper and on screen. Kelsey had the know-how and provided expert advice at every stage of the process. I really appreciated how she talked me through her thinking process, inviting feedback, but ultimately taking the reins of this project. This was the direction I was looking for when I hired a professional designer."

Hilary T., Pink Hanky Vintage

"Just wanted to share how wonderful it was to work with Kelsey - she understood our vision and was able to visually articulate it in a sophisticated, and timely fashion."

Deane C., Veritas Communications

"Kelsey brings a creative eye, a methodical process and a we-can-do-it attitude to every project she approaches. She combines her design background with marketing strategy expertise and does not rest until she's delivered top-notch results."

Sarah M., Quark Expeditions

"Kelsey is an amazing typesetter and overall designer. I would HIGHLY recommend Kelsey for any job involving graphic design. She's also REALLY easy to work with (and funny!)."

Stephanie M., Ontario College of Teachers

"There was no one I’ve worked with who was more dedicated, focused and talented than Kelsey… I am happy to recommend Kelsey, as I truly believe she's a unique design professional who carries incredible business savviness and leadership."

Jonah W., EventMobi

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